E-Z Bus, Orlando Motor Coaches Company, ServicesSince 2002, E-Z Bus, Inc. has continuously provided outstanding service with a focus on safety and hospitality.

We provide chartered motorcoach service to the 49 Continental States and Canada. Our clean, comfortable, air-conditioned and restroom equipped motorcoaches are available for any sized group or business. Most of our motorcoaches are video and PA equipped and all have comfortable reclining seats.

We are able to accommodate small and large groups of passengers and we offer the following services:

Group Transportation Service for:

  • Leisure Road Trips
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • School Field Trips
  • Church Retreats
  • Weddings
  • Casino Day Trips
  • Military Transfers
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Corporate Programs
  • Association Meetings
  • Family Reunions
  • Airport Transfers

Contract Transportation Services for:

  • Employee Shuttles
  • Construction Crew Transfers
  • Cruise Ship Passenger Transfers
  • Parking Lot Shuttles
  • Commuter Shuttles
  • Festival Shuttles

Our friendly, professional and experienced drivers will do everything they can to make your motorcoach travel experience positive, safe and fun!.

Convention Shuttle Service:

E-Z Bus offers its' corporate/convention customers the advantage of supplying all of their transportation for specific events. We have managed several large events which incorporated as many as 85 transportation requirements per day.

This has proven to add a great deal of convenience to our customers in the aspect of making changes through only one person, reconciling only one invoice and issuing only one check.

When doing such events, where we hire other bus companies to work for us, we have a member of our staff on site to make sure each bus shows up on time, each driver gets their proper assignments, assist in making sure that drivers understand their specific instructions and to provide the customer with a representative that can answer any questions or handle any discrepancies on-site.

We have handled these kinds of events in such cities as Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Orlando just to name a few. Please consider E-Z Bus for all of your transportation needs during your next event.

Transit Buses:

These buses offer a basic form of transportation that is ideal for groups of 39 or less passengers. Each one of them is equipped with a low floor easy access handicap lift for wheelchair/scooter passengers. Each bus has two sets of entrance and exit doors which allows for a quicker loading and unloading of passengers. Each bus also comes equipped with hand rails that permit passengers to stand if necessary.

They are not equipped with restrooms, monitors or PA systems. These buses are ideal for convention shuttle due to their loading/unloading capacity and ADA abilities.

These buses are also ideal for contract work, where a fixed daily route is set to provide passengers transportation to/from a designated parking area or housing facility and the place of employment.

Examples of contract work that E-Z Bus has provided are daily employee shuttles for Disney's international staff to and from their housing and place of work and daily shuttles for construction workers needing transportation to/from the construction site and the designated parking area.

Schools looking for simple, safe transportation for local outings like the Green Meadows Farm, Science Center or Bob Car Auditorium, for example, will benefit from the possible savings that we can offer with these buses.